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Some of the reasons to choose to have this professional service:

1. Order the right amount of material. If you are ordering new flooring, you need to know exactly how much you need. Measurement allows you to plan ahead and budget yourself. If you order too much or too little material, you are setting yourself up for a host of problems later.

2. Save money. No one wants to spend more money than they have to. That is why it’s important to get the right in-home measurements. You want to prevent hefty fees or buying materials that you don’t actually need. It’s usually impossible or difficult to return used or opened products-- just avoid the issue altogether with a professional technician doing the work for you.

3. Save time. You will also be saving time. Our technicians know how to work fast and get you to the next step of your renovation sooner. Even an entire home can be measured in a reasonable amount of time. Avoid the issues of buying the wrong materials that you then have trouble returning.

4. Get accurate measurements and clear reporting. We organize all of your in-home measurement numbers into a neat report. This makes it easy to fill out material orders. It also gives your installers and builders something to refer back to while they work. We can even measure around sharp corners and oddly shaped rooms, like those with nooks.

Customer Service

Hayward Home Center is a locally owned premier floor covering showplace that prides itself in customer service. We try to make selecting a new floor as easy as possible. From providing quality products with a wide variety to choose from, we finish the job right. Our clients are our #1 priority.


Measurement Services

Not knowing how much product to purchase can be challenging. Buy too little and it might go out of production. Buy too much and the merchant may only offer final sales. The Hayward Home Center offers our customers a complimentary measure onsite and we will provide you with an estimate, so you can stay within your budget and get the right amount of materials.


Installation Services

We take pride in selling a complete package of services, which includes the very important process of installing your flooring in a quick and professional manner. Each of our professional installers is licensed and insured with many years of experience with flooring products and materials.

Looking for more than just the floor?

Window Treatments can provide a lot in regards to design. They can make a room appear larger or cozier to suit your preferences. Window Treatments offer great backdrops to your furniture and can elevate your room's color palette. They can complement your interior design by adding dimension and texture to your space. Hayward Home Center doesn’t just stop at floors; we also have a full range of Window Fashions to choose from. 

Design Services

When you are sure you want something different but have no idea where to begin or what to do...
Let the Hayward Home Center In-Home Design Consultant provide you with a complimentary In-Home Design Consultation.
We have Design Professionals on at our Design Center that will help guide you to the products that will help complete that new look you always wanted!

Contact us today and fill out the form below to speak to one of our professionals about your next project and service needs.

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